Welcome, I am an American artist who specializes in 3D art. I have been using 3D programs to make all sorts of art for over 10 years. My inspiration comes from everywhere. I have a wild imagination which comes in handy. I love bringing imagination to life and hopefully touching others in some way through my art. I have never worried about being paid for my art as it has been a fun hobby. With the explosion of NFTs it has given me the opportunity to at least display my art and let it be seen by a bigger audiences. I have done a few collaborations with other artists and I am always open to it. Please drop me a message on my instagram, twitter, or email: brandon@brandonkidd.art I am a verified Artist on Rarible and Foundation. Thanks for taking the time to visit.

whats New:

Voyager Blue Glass Coin

It has just been listed for auction on my Foundation site here:

NFT Market Places where you can find my Art for Sale:

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Collaboration Projects:

These two coins I collaborated with a great artist named Jake Cobrin.

Contact me anytime for inquiries on collaboration, special requests or trades.